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Acceptable Use Guidelines

1. No popup ads.

2. No Flash ads.

3. No audio or sound files may be attached to any advertising.

4. No nudity.

5. No profanity, not even mild profanity.

6. No ads or promotion for tobacco products of any kind.

7. No brand name ads or promotion for alcoholic beverages of any kind.

8. No ads or promotion for drugs of any kind, prescription or non-prescription, legal or not.

9. No illegal, immoral or unethical content (to be determined by, LLC at our sole discretion).

10. Political advertisements may not attack an opponent; positive ads for your candidacy are welcome regardless of political affiliation.

11. For the safety and security of our readers, we do not publish event listings that, to the best of our knowledge, would require our readers to enter a private residence.

12. For the safety and security of our readers, we do not publish event listings for undisclosed, unannounced, anonymous or unlisted addresses.

13. For the safety and security of our readers, we do not publish online events such as webinars, online sales presentations, etc.

14. For the safety and security of children, and to observe and comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we generally do not publish event listings targeted at children under age 14. Some exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the nature of the event, at the sole discretion of, LLC.

15. We do not publish anonymous submissions. If you complete the Event Submission Form and check the "do not publish" buttons for phone and e-mail, and give no Web address for more information, we will NOT publish the submission. We make the assumption that such a submission is false. We receive hundreds of these annually; hence, we will always err on the side of caution rather than publish a false event listing.

16. To be considered for publication, the event must be open to the public. We do not publish events that are not open to the public.

17. Other content decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis to be determined by at our sole discretion. General rule of thumb: Keep it clean or keep it to yourself.

NOTE: We reserve the right to decline to list any submitted event for any reason without notice. All event submissions are subject to these Acceptable Use Guidelines.

What We Do Not Publish

Generally speaking, several of the categories listed here would result in so many event listings that (1) we wouldn't have time to post them all, (2) we wouldn't get anything else done for trying to keep up with these listings, and/or (3) they would flood our Web site to the extent that our other event listings would be virtually unreadable. Hence, WE DO NOT PUBLISH:

General information about area hotels

Regularly scheduled church services

Movie listings at area theatres

Webinars, online sales presentations, etc.

Antique shops

Children's events

Repetitive classes

Anonymous submissions

Events that are not open to the public

Events that would require our readers to enter a private residence.

Other categories at our sole discretion, LLC

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ALWAYS verify the event listings on our Web site to be certain they will be held as scheduled, especially outdoor events.

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