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NOTICE: Both our separate Mobile Web site and Mobile App were discontinued in 2015 to comply with Google's guidelines for mobile-friendly Web sites. There's no need for all three, because this Web site is now mobile-friendly on all devices and contains all the content that was found on those platforms--and a whole lot more.

Now in our 16th year as of Feb. 1, 2018 began its 16th year on Feb. 1, 2018. How many Indiana Web sites do you know that are over 15 years old? HINT: There aren't many. This is only possible because of the great support and encouragement that we've received from the Indianapolis and Indiana community. We simply couldn't do it without YOU! So I want you to know how very much we appreciate our readers and supporters. THANK YOU to our hundreds of thousands of readers, users, subscribers, advertisers, supporters and site visitors for making this achievement possible.

Our site launched in 2003. That's before Web 2.0 and popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, iTunes, and others even existed. The smartphone had not yet been conceived. Through all these changes in social media, mobile apps, responsive Web design, and other emerging technologies, has continued to increase in usage and popularity each year because of its simple design, ease of navigation and extensive content.

Thank you for using our Web site as your #1 source for things to do and upcoming events in Indianapolis and Indiana, and we hope you will continue to visit regularly when you want to know what's going on around Indy! It's the best consolidated source of event listings in Indiana. STILL all free for your personal use in 2018!

Top 20,000 Sites

Quantcast ranked our site traffic in the top 20,000 in the US for the first time on July 6, 2014. We outrank virtually every major venue in Indiana in site traffic, and we have more site traffic in America than 99% of all Web sites that Quantcast ranks. Source:

Background, LLC is a LOCALLY owned and operated independent Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) organized and properly registered with the Indiana Secretary of State in accordance with the laws of the state of Indiana., LLC is owned and operated by a lifelong “Hoosier” (a nickname for Indiana natives) born in Indianapolis and raised right here in central Indiana.

Bob Burchfield, Editor and Publisher,, LLC.

ABOVE: Bob Burchfield, Editor and Publisher,, LLC.

WE CONSCIOUSLY STRIVE TO AVOID CONFLICT OF INTEREST in every aspect of our operation:, LLC is not the parent company or a subsidiary of any other company or organization. Just to be clear, we are NOT affiliated with:

the city of Indianapolis
Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.
Visit Indy
Arts Council of Indianapolis
any other city or government agency
any other organization

However, we gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of Downtown Indy, Inc., the Arts Council of Indianapolis, and the Indiana State Festivals Association for giving us permission to publish their event listings.

2009 ROSE Award Honoree

2009 ROSE Award Honoree Pin.

On March 4, 2009, 89 individuals were recognized at the Indiana Roof Ballroom as 2009 ROSE Award Honorees by the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association and the city of Indianapolis. The Recognition of Service Excellence awards are presented annually to hospitality workers and volunteers who help create a positive experience for visitors to Indianapolis. I was one of the 89 honorees in 2009 for five years of volunteer work with the Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival. Thank you for this recognition!

Indiana Social Media Recognition

I was a finalist for the #Indiana Social Media Summit's Most INfluential Dude of the Year Award in 2010, 2012 and 2013, and for the #Indiana Social Media Summit's Nicest Person of the Year Award in 2011, at the Indiana Social Media Summit. Congratulations to the winners!

Super Bowl XLVI #Social46 Initiative

46 social media enthusiasts from across central Indiana were chosen by the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee to be part of the Super Bowl XLVI #Social46 initiative, a project to help make Super Bowl XLVI the most connected Super Bowl ever and to promote the city of Indianapolis and Super Bowl activities. I was one of the members of this group.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis skyline as seen from the west bank of the White River.

Indianapolis is one of America’s great cities. With a population of 830,952 (2010 census), Indianapolis ranks as the 12th largest city in America. With top-notch facilities and venues —many within a stone's throw of each other—Indianapolis offers a virtual plethora of things to do and interesting, exciting events every day of the year. If you can't find some interesting things to do in Indianapolis and central Indiana, you aren't trying!

Central Indiana is a great place to live and a great place to visit. Hoosiers love to have a good time and this Web site attempts to identify the places, events and venues where you can do so. We hope our enthusiasm and passion for Indianapolis and central Indiana is reflected on this Web site. Incidentally, we're going for the “G” rating (or “E” for everyone) on this Web site—venues and advertisers please plan accordingly in developing your ads.

Free Listings

Subject to our Acceptable Use Guidelines, we will list your things to do in Indianapolis and central Indiana FREE on garage sales, fairs, festivals, conventions, museum exhibits, gallery openings, club meetings, church bazaars, sports events, bake sales, fish fries, parish festivals, concerts, business meetings, trade shows, family or class reunions, flea markets, motorcycle rallies, seminars, workshops, fishing tournaments, piano recitals, special church services, charity events or fundraisers, your band's gigs, or just about any other upcoming event that is open to the public, anywhere in Indiana. Make your one-stop center for information about what's going on in Indianapolis, central Indiana, and across the state. Submit an Event.

Is your organization hosting an annual convention, business meeting, or other event in Indianapolis? Ask your company's Webmaster to add a link to so that those attending your event will be able to find things to do in Indianapolis after the day's business is adjourned.

Be sure to bookmark this Web site in your favorite browser so you can return to it easily. You may submit events by email, fax, or our convenient online Event Submission Form. We reserve the right to decline to list any submitted event for any reason without notice.

Daily Event Listings

Why do we list events so far ahead of time? Why do we repeat the same event daily over a long period of time? We're kind of like your local newspaper, except for this: If your local newspaper publishes the dates for an exhibit and you miss that issue of the newspaper, the information is gone. But if you miss the same exhibit today on our site, the information is still there tomorrow and every other day of the exhibit until it ends.

OUR SITE DOES NOT LIST 100% OF ALL INDIANAPOLIS AND INDIANA EVENTS. Neither does any other Web site. That's impossible. But we work diligently to identify and publish as many as we can. Still, we're sure there are lots of other activities taking place daily that do not get reported here. The nature of events reporting is such that some events will be on our Web site for months in advance, others for just a few hours or days before the event begins. The event listings change every day—so check back regularly! (And I can tell you this: several other events and media Web sites in central Indiana get a good percentage of their listings from our Web site.)

Be aware that because changes do occur, you should always verify each event listing with the venue.

Verify All Events

One of the things that has surprised us about operating this Web site is how often the details of an event change AFTER the event has been published—the time or the date or even the venue changes. And the number of event cancellations is significant. We publish all events in good faith, and we believe the information is accurate at the time we publish an event. But you should ALWAYS verify each event listed herein with the appropriate venue, because we don't always receive notification of changes to an event. To facilitate this, we provide telephone numbers and Web addresses whenever possible.

Advertising Information

All event listings are free. But if you want to call special attention to your event or business, take advantage of our very affordable advertising rates to run one or more display ads for your event. At these prices almost any advertiser can afford a display ad. Click here for Advertising Rates and Information.

Indiana Time Zones

All event listings on this site are local times at the venue, which may not coincide with Indianapolis time. Most of the state is on Eastern time, but a few counties in northwest and southwest Indiana are on Central time.

Legislation enacted by the Indiana legislature in 2005 moved all of Indiana to Daylight Saving Time from spring to fall each year. Indianapolis is on the same time as New York year-round; an hour ahead of Chicago year-round. If an Indiana venue listed on this Web site is on a different time from Indianapolis, the local time at the venue and the time in Indianapolis are both displayed at the top of those pages on this Web site.

12 of Indiana's 92 counties (six in northwestern and six in southwestern Indiana) are an hour behind Indianapolis--they are on Chicago time. On this Web site, this primarily affects the listings for casinos in Lake and Vanderburgh Counties, and The Ford Center in Evansville. Listings in the Central time zone on our Web site are indicated by "CST" during the winter months; "CDT" during the summer months., LLC

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Now in our 16th year as of February 1, 2018.
No faster or easier way to find out what's going on around Indy!

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